425 Fabrication Divisions full list of recent Metal Fabrication and Welding Projects. 

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Aircraft Maintenance

Welders and Welding Training

Other Fab Projects

Jet Engine Hoist

2,000 lbs capacity engine lift with a 170" working height and full manual hydraulic system.

Mobile Welding

Mobile Welder

A fully enclosed, fully functional mobile welding set up, designed with safety and utility as a priority.

48" Spray Paint Boot

Custom, Ventilated, LED lit Spray paint booth with individual switches for Light, Fan, and USB compatible devices.

Reverse Osmosis Aircraft Cleaning Tool

A tool designed for cleaning of small jet engines. This tool uses a full reverse osmosis system

Welding Training Benches

A classrooms worth of individual welding stations. Originally designed and delivered to Stillman Valley Highschool.

Steel Computer Desk

Rugged computer desk built for the head of 425 Fab by the head of 425 Fab.

Engine Cowling Bracket

Bracket designed to keep the engine cowling in place without the engine. This project is related to the Hawker 700 Project.

Welding Table

Steel topped table designed and built for 425's Fab department.

Weight Rack

A custom built weight rack for the Stillman Valley Fire Department

SC Aviation Plane on Sticks


The Mounting out a retired Hawker 700 Aircraft for SC Aviation.

Miller 652 Cart

A mobile cart designed for storage and ease of use

Aerospace Blower Repair Stand

Oak Top stand used for the repair of jet engine blowers.

"Anything that Floats" River Raft Race

4FD joined the Rock River Raft Race in 2018 with a 53 foot passenger jet.

SVHS Design Training

4FD stopped into Stillman Valley High School to help them design their new welder carts. SVHS will now be building them from their own designs. We will help to supply material, prints and paint.

FDA Approved Quick Change Conveyor Modification

A rapid conveyor belt change over assembly allowing for 1 minute teardown. This allows for a speedy clean up and reduce down time.

Falcon Main Landing Gear Removal Tool ISO

Falcon Jet Main Gear Removal Tool

4FD redesigned and manufactured the removal tool for the Falcon Jet 50 - 900. This was designed in conjunction with an aircraft maintenance facility to allow for slight changes for safety and reliability.

Misc. Weldments and Projects