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425 Fabrication doesn’t only deal with welding and metal fabrication. We also modify existing products of all types to meet our customers needs. Our customer came to us with an issue, and asked us to fix this issue in any way we see fit. We came up with the idea for the FDA approved conveyor modification seen below. From design to delivery, every part of this project had to be tested and kept clean per FDA standards. We were fortunate enough to have the ability to 3D print many of the components for fit up and have a working 3D CAD model to verify sizing and concept. 

Below you can see a short video of Mike Thomason (President) preforming our quick change belting modification. We redesigned the ends of this conveyor to allow for the fastest change over possible. This saved our customer about 5 minuted of downtime per change over and helped the users with realigning the belts for a reduction of scrap and machinery damage. 


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