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Welding Benches for Training, Education, School Classrooms, Labs

Stillman Valley High School came to us with the need for a complete welding lab. Together we looked at what was currently on the market to see if there was a off the shelf solution that would fit their needs. They decided for their class  sizes they really needed 10 work stations total. to properly build the lab, 425 fabrication designed the Welding Training Benches seen below.

We couldn’t find an off the shelf solution that would fit their budget. So we worked on designing a solution that would fit their application and budget. We also worked with a CEANCI ( Career Education Associates of North Central IL ) on financing for the package.

Our group decided that 6 tables would be used for Tig welding ( no fume extraction needed ). 4 tables would be used for Mig welding with a fume extraction system supplied by Lincoln Electric. 

Bench / Table Design: We built these tables to last for years. Unlike anything on the market these tables are ADA compliant and designed for a wheel chair to roll under the front with no front support bars. We designed 6 replaceable heavy duty grates that have 5/8″ holes for fixture clamps. They also have heavy duty leveling feet. This assures that they can be properly adjusted to sit on floors or areas that are not level. We can tweak the design if needed and change paint colors to match your school or universities color scheme. 

Click here to see another example of our Welding Table designs.