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Mobile Welder Setup


We are interested in selling the Custom Mobile Welder Rig seen below. 425 Fab is getting a new work horse of a truck and with it comes a new welding rig. This is a complete turn key package and includes everything aside from a bottle (which is leased), the white dodge, and the two spare leads seen hanging on the rack behind the bottle. The Rig here will be able to weld up to 100 feet away from the enclosure. 

We are asking for $6,500. pick up in Rockford, Illinois. For inquiries please contact Tyler Thomason at

425 Fab Designed and Manufactured an all encompassing custom mobile welder set up. Designed to be set in any sized Pick Up truck bed. lifted via fork lift, overhead crane, or dragged via 8 separate lifting hooks. The welder set-up has multiple reels for leads and gas lines at 100ft lengths, tie hooks for extensions as needed, vibration resistant pads for bottle protection while driving, rod holders, and a few other bells and whistles. To top it off, it is designed to protect the welder and most of its components in case of a crash. 


If you are interested in our mobile welding capabilities then please check out our Mobile Welding Page