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Custom Aluminum 48" Spray Paint Booth

425 Fab was in dire need of a way to spray paint small pieces in a climate controlled environment to ensure quality. So what else to do but design and produce a ventilated custom 48″ spray paint booth. We didn’t want any simple spray booth though, so we designed it with a few bells and whistles. It comes complete with 2 high strength LED lights in both corners for high visibility, a 15″ x 15″ filter with a high strength fan so all of the fumes and over-spray is pulled away from the user. We then had the extra power and space so we through some USB charging plugs in there for cellphones and speakers, should the user like some tunes while spraying away. This paint booth was designed with all types of paint in mind. Spraying enamel, acrylic, aerosol based, or compressed air is no problem. With a design like this we can produce it at almost any size. the bottoms and sides can be layered with wax paper so that it can be cleaned quickly. Alternatively, one could also wipe the inside down with any type of paint thinner or remover without damaging the aluminum. 

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