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SC Aviation Mobile Welding Plane on Sticks

 Mounted Hawker 700 Monument. Starting in the spring of 2018, SC Aviation and 425 Fabrication joined forces to make a statement to all of southern Wisconsin. With a team of aerospace mechanics, engineers, skilled machinists and certified welders; 4FD and SC Aviation made a shrine to SC’s first personal Jet. 

The Hawker 700, N26SC had been retired in 4/30/18, only after

  • Seating stars such as Barack and Michelle Obama , Steven Tyler, and British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher. 
  • 17,617 Hours of flight time
  • 13,174 Landings
  • 38 years of service

On June 17th 2019, 4FD and SC Aviation finally saw their hours of hard work stand on its on two legs, well three legs technically. The Hawker 700 now stands as a permanent monument or static display to the great pilots and services that SC Aviation has housed.

We here a 425 Fabrication pride our selves with jobs well done such as this. Mounting an airplane on sticks as a monument to a legacy is not something that many shops are able to do, nor are they offered the opportunity. We strive for quality and efficiency here at 4FD, promising a working product in a fair turn around time. 

If you would like more information on our static display mounting services or our Mobile Welding Capabilities then feel free to Click Here