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Aircraft Projects and GSE

Jet Engine Hoist

2,000 lbs capacity engine lift with a 170" working height and full manual hydraulic system.

Reverse Osmosis Aircraft Cleaning Tool

A tool designed for cleaning of small jet engines. This tool uses a full reverse osmosis system.

Engine Cowling Bracket

Bracket designed to keep the engine cowling in place without the engine. This project is related to the Hawker 700 Project.

Floating Plane

"Anything that Floats" River Raft Race

4FD joined the Rock River Raft Race in 2018 with a 53 foot passenger jet.

Falcon Main Landing Gear Removal Tool ISO

Falcon Jet Main Gear Removal Tool

4FD redesigned and manufactured the removal tool for the Falcon Jet 50 - 900. This was designed in conjunction with an aircraft maintenance facility to allow for slight changes for safety and reliability.

Adjustable Center of Gravity Engine Sling

Adjustable Engine Sling

The Adjustable engine sling is designed to allow for the alterations of the lift point. Changing the center of gravity will allow the jet engine to sit parallel to the ground. This makes maintenance safer and more efficient.

Dorsal Tank Removal Tool

Dorsal Tank Removal Tool

This tool was designed to help ease the stress on the mechanic. The dorsal tank can now be removed, stored safely, and maintained properly over any period of time. This will fit most business class jets.

Flight Control Rack

The Flight Control Rack was designed to allow for the storage and safety of all flight control components that get removed during the standard maintenance or repair of business class jets.

Engine Stand for Hawker Jet

Hawker Engine Stand

This engine stand is designed specifically for the Hawker Business Class Jet. This tool helps with the safety and maintenance of the Hawker jet.

Jack stand adapter

Jack Stand Adapter

This jack stand adapter was designed to increase the versatility of the standardized tools used in aircraft maintenance.

Aviation Ladder Rack

Aviation Hanger Ladder Rack

4FD was tasked with making a safety focused ladder rack for aircraft maintenance hangers.

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